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Budo Taijutsu, or more commonly called Ninjutsu, , is a self-defence martial art that was developed in Japan around 900 years ago..  

Contrary to most of martial arts practiced today, ninjutsu is not a sport but a self-defence art totally efficient. It has been tested since about 900 years in Japan and it managed to adapt and evolve with time.  Hollywood, since the 80’s, contributed to the spread of myths and legend regarding ninja.  Modern ninja have nothing in common with those merciless assassins depicted in movies and video games.  

The self-defence techiques that are taught in Bujinkan are based on proved principles such as : bones alignment, breaking of balance, pressure points, body-mechanics, etc.

Ninjutsu has a wide variety of techniques .  The students learn : empty handed defence, defence against different weapons, sword handling, sticks, rope, chain and other traditional weapons and techniques.  

Not being a sport, Ninjutsu doesn’t require any physical skills and we don’t have to be fitness freaks.  Although we promote a healthy and active lifestyle, Ninjutsu is about defence.  There is no competition.  Ninjutsu is the perfect art for men and women who desire to improve self-confidence.

The teaching is not “boot camp”or military style.  Everybody is made differently so we discourage the students to try copying the teacher.  We have to adapt the techniques to us, and not us to the techniques…